Finally, a first post

After much planning and experimenting with writing my own news management system for this site, I have finally given up on that idea. Not that I could not do it. I realized that I just did not want to deal with all the coding and database design related to editing and maintaining the posts as well as the ability to easily back up and move my data elsewhere if needed. And then there is the security aspect. Ugghhh! I prefer to write desktop applications.

Then I stumbled upon the joy of Hugo.

In less than a day I was able to create a new Hugo content area with a custom theme that closely matches my main site content. I could not believe I was able to accomplish that in the short amount of time that I did. I wish I had tried Hugo sooner. Now I can focus on fun stuff.

I am able to serve the Hugo content with the same custom Go backend that I wrote for my other content and APIs. Only content under the news URL is from Hugo. This makes maintaining my site much easier since everything is in one place. Plus, Hugo generates my RSS feeds automatically which really makes me happy.

There are still many things to tweak and functionality to add but the basics are already there.

I have several projects that I can soon get back to since this functionality was a priority. Hopefully that means there will be actual content on the way shortly.

Now that I can, lets see if I do.

Also, things are going to break.